Geoff Leury

Bsc (Melb) Dip Ed(LaT) BAppSc (Chiro)
Founder and Developer

Joint anchor technique has a straightforward, holistic aim.

This works perfectly with my philosophy that ultimately, all healing is self-healing.

When there is better energetic alignment, energy flowing from a person’s energy systems to their physical body is more normal.

This means the person’s own healing mechanisms are getting a better balance of energy to carry out the healing work independently, as they were created to do.

Emma Acquarone

Dipl. Ing., Gehirn Kinesiologin DGAK
Instructor and Supervisor

I have been fascinated from the very start by the gentle and effective way the Joint Anchor Technique has to approach clients and their issues.

It is an extremely powerful, gentle and simple method, which revolutionises the way to work with energetic therapies.

Alignment has meant for me a new insights and a new way of working.

Since then I am dedicated to showing and and spreading this knowledge far and wide.

Inna Zasoba

Joint Anchor Technique 1 instructor

language Russian, Ukrainian

Svetlana Kostareva

Joint Anchor Technique 1 instructor

Language: Russian

Natalia Kolesnikova

She is a certified kinesiologist, psychologist, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, teacher of psychology and kinesiology.

She is a Joint Anchor Technique 1 instructor. 

“Joint Anchor Technique allows to solve also those issues which are inaccessible to other modalities of kinesiology. In this sense it is a unique, distinctive and completely different course. The techniques taught is this course are easy to use, efficient in their application, and very effective”.

Svetlana Vavilova

A psychologist, supervisor, instructor of different kinesiology modalities and medical specialist with more than 30 years of experience.

Joint Anchor Technique 1 instructor
Language: Russian

“I am delighted to teach JAT because it is a very simple and easily accessible technique even for those who are new to healing. An important advantage of this method is that you will be able to help remotely.

I will be glad to become your guide to the world of Joint Anchor Technique!”