Health through better energetic alignment

JAT is based on the idea that the aura is firmly anchored to the physical body and is kept in true alignment with the physical body by energetic formations that occur naturally in the aura at each joint of the physical body. These energetic formations are known as energetic joint anchors. Energetic joint anchors are a different way of looking at the subtle anatomy of the aura.

Joint anchor technique normalises the flow of energy between the aura and physical body by restoring balance to energetic joint anchors. The technique is carried out in the energy patterns of the aura. You will be shown how to use mind imagery and your hands to feel for specific structures of the energetic joint anchor and the aura, and how to work with your hands in the aura to restore balance to these structures and the aura as a whole.

Joint anchor technique is open to anyone with a desire to work in the etheric energy patterns of the aura to promote health and well-being. Although knowledge of subjects such as anatomy and Kinesiology is always an advantage, Joint anchor technique 1 requires no formal academic or practical prerequisites. A complete set of guidelines for creating an environment suitable for using your hands to work with the energy patterns of the aura will be provided. All anatomy, physiology, indicator tests and technique procedures referred to during the workshop will be explained and demonstrated.

Joint anchor technique is an energetic technique that helps promote health and well-being by ensuring the flow of energy between the aura and physical body is normal.

‚ÄčAlso, Joint anchor technique shares with Kinesiology many health philosophies and a focus on the relationship between the musculoskeletal system and health therapy. As such, Joint anchor technique may appeal to Kinesiologists of all disciplines as another method to support their kinesiology procedures energetically.

Joint Anchor Technique is an energetic therapy technique, not a medicine practice and is not a sufficient substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatments. It is to be understood as health and life counseling and does not serve to treat and cure illnesses. In the event of health problems or illnesses, medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, i.e. the help of a doctor, alternative practitioner or psychotherapist, should be sought.