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Emma Acquarone

Hello There!

Based in southern Germany I am passionate about everything that has to do with Kinesiology and Energy Healing. For the past 12 years I have been working as a kinesiologist, deepening my knowledge, expanding my expertise and developing my own way of working. Please feel free to visit my website

I am passionate about working with and teaching Joint Anchor Technique. So passionate that I felt that it needed an internet presence, so I built this website for it.☺️

If you would like a session with me, be it distant healingin presence or online, please get in touch. Being Joint Anchor Technique a hands-off method, it allows for powerful online and distant healing sessions. Some of my clients find that it works really well with them to combine in presence sessions at regular intervals, and distant healing session in between to keep helping their system towards a path of wellbeing and balance.

In Germany I co-manage the health institute Arbeitskreis für Gesunderhaltung Chiron, together with my wonderful colleague Gabriele Neuenfeld. We offer all sorts of courses in the health and wellness area. Please feel free to check it out (in German).

I am the founder of the Practice Consulting Services "Be Successful: Grow your clinic!" . Together with my lovely colleague and friend Sabine Rosén we support and inspire fellow kinesiologists around the world in being successful and feeling rewarded in managing their kinesiology clinics and businesses. Take a look!


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